onresize event

[This documentation is preliminary and is subject to change.]

Fires when the size of the object is about to change.


HTML Attribute <element onresize = "handler(event)">
Event Property object.onresize = handler;
attachEvent Method object.attachEvent("onresize", handler)
addEventListener Method object.addEventListener("resize", handler, useCapture)

Standards information

There are no standards that apply here.

Event information

Synchronous No
Bubbles No
Cancelable No

Event handler parameters


The onresize event fires for block and inline objects with layout, even if document or CSS (cascading style sheets) property values are changed. Objects have layout when measurements such as the height and width attributes are set, or when the position of the object is set. Intrinsic objects, such as button, and windowed objects, such as window and iframe, fire as expected. This event does not fire for files with embedded controls.

Resizing HTML applications also fires the onresize event.

No default action.

To invoke this event, do one of the following:

  • Change the height or width of the object.

The pEvtObj parameter is required for the following interfaces:



Build date: 1/23/2012