ODataUriUtils.ConvertFromUriLiteral Method (String, ODataVersion, IEdmModel, IEdmTypeReference)

Converts the given value to a corresponding CLR type. Expects the value to have already been properly unescaped from an actual Uri.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Data.OData.Query
Assembly:  Microsoft.Data.OData (in Microsoft.Data.OData.dll)


Public Shared Function ConvertFromUriLiteral ( _
    value As String, _
    version As ODataVersion, _
    model As IEdmModel, _
    typeReference As IEdmTypeReference _
) As Object
Dim value As String 
Dim version As ODataVersion 
Dim model As IEdmModel 
Dim typeReference As IEdmTypeReference 
Dim returnValue As Object 

returnValue = ODataUriUtils.ConvertFromUriLiteral(value, _
    version, model, typeReference)
public static Object ConvertFromUriLiteral(
    string value,
    ODataVersion version,
    IEdmModel model,
    IEdmTypeReference typeReference
static Object^ ConvertFromUriLiteral(
    String^ value, 
    ODataVersion version, 
    IEdmModel^ model, 
    IEdmTypeReference^ typeReference
static member ConvertFromUriLiteral : 
        value:string * 
        version:ODataVersion * 
        model:IEdmModel * 
        typeReference:IEdmTypeReference -> Object
public static function ConvertFromUriLiteral(
    value : String, 
    version : ODataVersion, 
    model : IEdmModel, 
    typeReference : IEdmTypeReference
) : Object


  • value
    Type: System.String
    The value from a Uri to be converted.
  • typeReference
    Type: Microsoft.Data.Edm.IEdmTypeReference
    The optional IEdmTypeReference to perform verification against. Callers must provide a model containing this type if it is specified.

Return Value

Type: System.Object
A CLR object that the value represents.

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