Command Options

This section provides detailed descriptions of Visual SourceSafe command options.

In This Section

  • -B Option (Command Line)
    Specifies if files are binary or text for the Properties, Add, and Filetype commands. For the History and Diff commands, the -B option specifies a brief format. For the Merge command, this option specifies the base version for the destination project.
  • -E Option (Command Line)
    Produces an extended display for the Dir command, including checkout information for files. For the Share command, this option specifies a share and branch operation. When used with the Add, Properties, and Filetype commands, the option specifies the file encoding.
  • -L Option (Command Line)
    Specifies labels for files or projects for many commands. For the Checkout command, this option enables or disables the check out local version feature.

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