IIS Internet Database Connector

The Internet Database Connector (IDC) is a tool you can use to send queries to a database, format the returned data in an HTML page, and return the page to a browser. IDC can be used to display log data from the IIS ODBC logs in an HTML page.

However, IDC has been deprecated because it does not provide enough security for data connections. IIS 6.0 will be the last version to include IDC.

If your Web application needs to obtain or display data from a database or other data source, you can use one of the following more secure methods. If you still want to use IDC in an HTML page, you can find more information at Viewing ODBC Log Data Using the Internet Database Connector.


The Internet Database Connector requires 32-bit ODBC drivers.

Displaying Data in ASP Pages

With ASP, you can use ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) to display and manipulate data from a SQL, Access, Excel, or other supported database. For more information, see Accessing Databases in IIS Applications.

Displaying Data in ASP.NET Pages

With ASP.NET, you can use ADO.NET to display and manipulate data from a SQL database, a Microsoft Access database, XML files, site map files, or other supported data sources.

Use data source controls such as SqlDataSource, AccessDataSource, XmlDataSource, ObjectDataSource, SiteMapDataSource, or a custom control to connect to your data source. Then, to display your data in a formatted, customizable manner, bind the data to a server control such as the GridView, DataGrid, or Table control.

For more information, see Data Access in ASP.NET 2.0, Accessing Data with ADO.NET, or Displaying Database Information Using a Table Web Server Control.