IPrintPreviewPageCollection::MakePage method

Provides the system with a new page to present in print preview.


  [in]  UINT32 desiredJobPage,
  [in]  FLOAT width,
  [in]  FLOAT height


  • desiredJobPage [in]
    The page number.

  • width [in]
    The width of the page.

  • height [in]
    The height of the page.

Return value

If the MakePage method completes successfully, it returns an S_OK. Otherwise it returns an appropriate HRESULT error code.


Apps should not assume that the system will cache all retrieved pages. For example, the system may ask for page 1 again without making a call to Paginate first. When the desiredJobPage is JOB_PAGE_APPLICATION_DEFINED the app may return the page to be presented as the next preview page. The page number provided in the next call to IPrintPreviewDxgiPackageTarget::MakePage will be used as the next page to show the user. When a specific page is requested this is the page that is being requested by the preview experience and the app should respond with this page. Page counts are 1-based and desiredJobPage is 1 when requesting the first page of the document.


Minimum supported client

Windows 8 [desktop apps | Windows Store apps]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012 [desktop apps | Windows Store apps]



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Build date: 10/12/2013