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How to: Disable ASP.NET Themes

You can configure a page or control to ignore themes. Themes override local settings for page and control appearance by default. Disabling this behavior is useful when a control or page already has a predefined look that you do not want the theme to override.


You can give precedence to control settings on the current page by applying a theme as a style sheet theme. In that case, the theme is used to set properties that have no local settings, but explicit local settings take precedence. For details, see How to: Apply ASP.NET Themes.

To disable themes for a page

  • Set the EnableTheming attribute of the @ Page directive to false, as in this example:

    <%@ Page EnableTheming="false" %>

To disable themes for a control

  • Set the EnableTheming property of the control to false, as in this example:

    <asp:Calendar id="Calendar1" runat="server" EnableTheming="false" />

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