Microsoft Machine Learning Server branding history


This content is being retired and may not be updated in the future. The support for Machine Learning Server will end on July 1, 2022. For more information, see What's happening to Machine Learning Server?

In September 2017, Microsoft R Server was released under the name of Microsoft Machine Learning Server. The product was renamed from R Server to Machine Learning Server to reflect the addition of Python-based analytics.

In subsequent releases, including the current version of 9.4, the R components that originated in R Server continue to be distributed under the Machine Learning Server product name. Specifically, the R components in Machine Learning Server include packages such as RevoScaleR, olapR, and mrsdeploy to name a few.

As related to R components, some highlights from previous versions include improvements to web service deployment in version 9.3, and improvements to Apache Spark deployment in version 9.4. Read the What's new in this release to learn more.

Building on our commitment to R

Microsoft continues its commitment and development in R, not only in the latest Machine Learning Server release, but also in the newest Microsoft R Client and Microsoft R Open releases. You can also find R and Python support in SQL Server Machine Learning Services on Windows and Linux, and R support in Azure SQL Database.

Upgrade to Machine Learning Server

R components are backwards compatible. You should be able to run existing R script on newer versions, with the exception of dependencies on packages or platforms that are no longer supported, or known issues that require a workaround or code change.

Moving from R Server to Machine Learning Server is an in-place upgrade unless you configured the server for operationalization (using mrsdeploy or deployR, depending on the product version you are using).

  1. Follow these instructions to install Machine Learning Server on Windows, Linux, or Hadoop. Microsoft R Server 9.1 for Teradata was the last release for that platform and does not have a Machine Learning Server equivalent.

  2. Perform additional steps to upgrade your web and compute nodes if the server is operationalized.

Download prior R Server releases

You can no longer download older versions of Microsoft R Server. All Microsoft distributions are now some version of Machine Learning Server.

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About Microsoft R Client

Microsoft R Client continues on as an R-only client for Machine Learning Server and R Server.

A Python interpreter can also be installed locally along with the custom Python packages to gain similar functionality on a Windows machine. Learn more.