About using hyperlinks in MapPoint

You can add hyperlinks to Pushpin balloons or data sets and then access those hyperlinks from the map, an open Pushpin or data balloon, or a Web page saved from the map. You can add hyperlinks in several ways: by importing or linking to them from a source data file; by manually typing hyperlinks in balloon notes; or by having MapPoint automatically create them for a Pushpin or data set. Having MapPoint generate hyperlinks is the only way to add hyperlinks to data sets that don't have balloons, such as Shaded Area maps, demographic data maps, data that is aggregated, or territories.

You can have multiple hyperlinks in a balloon or for a data point, but only one can be associated with a Pushpin or data point. Associating a hyperlink tells MapPoint which hyperlink you want called from the map or from a Web page saved from the map when the balloon is not open or if there is no balloon for the data point.

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