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Starting DSS Manifest Editor

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Starting DSS Manifest Editor

To start Decentralized Software Services Manifest Editor (DSSME), click the Start Menu, then click the Manifest Editor. When DSSME loads, it displays a window with a set of menus, tool boxes, and a tabbed diagram page.

The toolbox windows are movable and adjustable, so the programmer can rearrange them within the main Manifest Editor window by dragging them or their borders and selectively showing or hiding them using the View Tool Boxes menu.

The Services Toolbox Window

The Services toolbox window displays services which are available for the programmer to include in a manifest.

The programmer can change the name of a service put into the manifest by typing over, replacing, the name displayed in the Properties toolbox when the service is selected.

The services displayed in the Services toolbox window depends on the context of its search filter, query, text box at the top. Entering a word causes only those services with that word in its display name, or description, to appear in the window. A blank service box displays all services.

The programmer can enter multiple words, separated with spaces, and the toolbox will display services that include all the words. Putting a +, Plus, between the words causes the list to display only those services where all the words appear. Using a -, Minus, excludes the word(s).

The programmer can save a search filter by clicking  the +, Add, button in the All Found heading. This creates a title for the search filter using the words the programmer used as the search filter. If the programmer wants to create a title for a search filter without the filter words, add, = Title, to the search text. Now when clicking the +, Add, button in All Found, the new section will use that text.

The Project Toolbox Window

The Project window shows the manifest and any configuration files for the services the programmer included. Configuration files are listed hierarchically under the manifest. The programmer can show or hide the display in the project window using the, +, Expand, or -, Collapse, buttons.

Configuration files are automatically created if the programmer edits the configuration for a services.

When the programmer uses the Save, or Save As, command it automatically saves any changes to the manifest and configuration files. 

To delete a configuration file, select it and display its context pop-up and click Delete.

The Properties Toolbox Window

The Properties toolbox window display the properties for the currently selected service.




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