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CCR Extension Methods

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CCR Extension Methods

To simplify programming with CCR, several extensions are defined on the DispatcherQueue class. These are visible through Intellisense. Equivalents to a lot of these methods are available in DSS via the DsspServiceBase class, so they are only relevant when programming with CCR outside the DSS environment. For example, in CCR:

    Ccr.Core.DispatcherQueue q = new DispatcherQueue();

     yield return q.TimeoutPort(100).Receive();

is equivalent to the following code in a DSS service (and even the base.TaskQueue is optional):

     yield return base.TaskQueue.TimeoutPort(100).Receive();

The following table lists all of the Extension Methods.


Extension Method



void Spawn

Handler handler

Invoke a message handler asynchronously that does not take any arguments.

void Spawn



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