Management Agent for Attribute-Value Pair Text File

Applies To: Windows Server 2003 with SP1

Use the management agent for attribute-value pair text files to synchronize data that is contained in attribute-value pair text files.


Available in Identity Integration Feature Pack for Microsoft® Windows Server™ Active Directory® (IIFP)


Management agent type


Supported connected data source versions

  • Attribute-value pair text files

MIIS 2003 features supported

  • Password management by using password extension

  • Full import

  • Delta import

  • Export

Schema Information

The schema is generated based on the discovery of the data in the template input file. Refresh schema is not available for this management agent, because you can configure the structure of the data in Management Agent Designer.


  • The data format for an attribute-value pair text file consists of an attribute followed by the attribute's value on a single line, separated by a colon. The following is an example of an attribute-value pair file format:

    Name: Barbara Moreland
    Title: Office Manager
    Address: 123 Main Street, Tallahassee, FL 07534
    Telephone: 555-1234
    Fax: 555-1235

  • ILM 2007 FP1 treats all data as case sensitive.

  • File-based management agents do not export characters that are not in the destination code page. ILM 2007 fails when it attempts to export objects that contain any character that is not in the target connected data source code page. If you try to avoid this behavior by converting the file to Unicode and then doing a best-fit translation, ILM 2007 cannot confirm the export. As a workaround, you can do your own file translation during export attribute flow.

  • For file-based management agents, the template input file should contain all the object classes and attributes that will be synchronized, and it should be in a full import format.

  • If you use a template input file that is larger than 200 KB, FIM analyzes only the first 100 objects when it discovers the schema. As a result, if there are object classes and attributes that you want to synchronize that do not appear in the first 100 objects, manually add those object classes and attributes as connector space object types and attributes. Depending on the size of the file, a delay might occur when ILM 2007 reads the entire file.

  • File-based management agents only support importing a single value for the object class (OC) attribute. If you try to import a multi-value OC attribute from a connected data source, the management agent will fail with a "multi-single-mismatch" error.

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