Prepare IIS 7 for FIM CM

Applies To: Forefront Identity Manager Certificate Management

To prepare IIS 7 FIM CM, you must have administrative access to the IIS 7 server.

Before installing FIM CM Portal software, ensure that the computer on which you want to install it has the .NET 3.5 framework installed (available through Server Manager, Features).


FIM CM requires a server running 64-bit Windows Server 2008 or later.

You will also require the following IIS 7 Role Services are either already installed or select them for installation.

  1. Common HTTP Features

    1. Static Content

    2. Default Document

    3. Directory Browsing

    4. HTTP Errors

    5. HTTP Redirection

  2. Application Development

    1. ASP.NET


      When you select this ASP.NET, you are prompted by the Add Role Services dialog box that there are additional required Role Services. Click Add Required Role Services and the following Role Services will be selected.

    2. .NET Extensibility

    3. ISAPI Extensions

    4. ISAPI Filters

  3. Health and Diagnostics

    1. HTTP Logging

    2. Request Monitor

  4. Security

    1. Windows Authentication

    2. Request Filtering

  5. Performance

    1. Static Content Compression

    2. Dynamic Content Compression

  6. Management Tools

    1. IIS Management Console

    2. IIS 6 Management Compatibility


      When you select IIS 6 Management Compatibility, the subordinate items are automatically selected.


  1. A site named Default Web Site is installed by default with IIS 7, but if that site was renamed or removed, an existing site must be renamed or a new site created with the name Default Web Site before FIM CM can be installed.

  2. The Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6 is not a supported application platform for FIM CM

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