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Synchronization Service Manager

Synchronization Service Manager is the administrative interface for Microsoft® Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 R2. Synchronization Service Manager includes the following features that you can use to accomplish specific tasks:

  • Operations—Use Operations to track the run history of all management agents, including their status, errors, and synchronization statistics. You can also run management agents, save management agent run histories to file, and view the properties of the objects involved in the synchronization. For more information, see Using Operations.

  • Management Agents—Use Management Agents to create and edit management agents, configure run profiles for each management agent, or import or export management agents. You can also view import statistics and errors for the most recent run of a management agent, search the connector space for that management agent, or create a rules extension project. For more information, see Using Management Agents.

  • Metaverse Designer—Use Metaverse Designer to create new object types in the metaverse or to delete object types from the metaverse. In addition, you can add, edit, or delete attributes from any object type currently in the metaverse. This is also where you will specify attribute flow precedence for an attribute and configure object deletion rules for object types. For more information, see Using Metaverse Designer.

  • Metaverse Search—Use Metaverse Search to locate and view objects in the metaverse. You can view the properties of the metaverse object and the properties of the connector objects that link to it. For more information, see Using Metaverse Search.

  • Joiner—Use Joiner to view the disconnected objects for a management agent. You can use Joiner to manually join a disconnected connector space object to a metaverse object, to project a connector space object into the metaverse, or change the type of the disconnector object. For more information, see Using Joiner.