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Dotfuscator Community Edition 4.0

Your .NET applications are important to your company’s profitability. Therefore, protection of these applications is crucial. To this end, any .NET program where the source code is not bundled with the application should be protected with Dotfuscator. Ignoring application protection increases the risk to your organization in the form of intellectual property theft, hacking, and piracy.

PreEmptive Solutions’ Dotfuscator is the leading .NET Obfuscator, Compactor and Watermarker that helps protect programs against reverse engineering while making them smaller and more efficient. Dotfuscator Professional Edition is designed to stop even the best of decompilers from producing useful output. It provides comprehensive and efficient .NET code development and deployment.

  Dotfuscator Professional Edition Dotfuscator Enhanced Community Edition Dotfuscator Community Edition
Leading .NET Code Protection      
  • Enhanced Overload Induction
  • Update parts of obfuscated applications with Incremental Obfuscation
  • Confuse decompilers with Control Flow Obfuscation
  • Hinder attackers with String Encryption
  • Identify applications with Software Watermarking
  • Choose from several predefined renaming schemes, including unprintable characters
  • Use the patented Overload Induction renaming system to remove meaning from Namespaces, Types, Methods, and Fields
.NET Code Efficiency      
  • Link multiple assemblies into one
  • Remove unused types, methods, and fields
Runtime Intelligence      
  • Track Application Usage
  • Detect Application Tampering
Power and Convenience      
  • Obfuscate satellite DLLs seamlessly
  • Automatically re-sign strong named assemblies.
  • Debug obfuscated applications and decode obfuscated stack traces
  • Obfuscate as part of the Visual Studio build.
  • Obfuscate using MSBuild
  • Integrate into automated builds using the command line interface
  • Obfuscate .NET 2.0 applications
  • Configure by application type
  • Configure by custom attribute
  • Configure using regular expressions or other matching criteria
  • Get technical support

In the Dotfuscator Documentation


Describes obfuscation and how Dotfuscator provides superior Intellectual Property protection.

Getting Started with Dotfuscator

A tutorial that explains how to quickly start up and configure Dotfuscator, step by step.

Configuration File Reference

A reference for configuration file options.

Identifier Renaming

Explains Overload Induction and how to get the most out of Dotfuscator's patented renaming system.

Control Flow Obfuscation

Explains Control Flow obfuscation and how Dotfuscator Professional Edition uses this technique to foil decompilers.

User String Encryption

Explains string encryption and how to get the most out of it using Dotfuscator Professional Edition.


Explains how to reduce the size of your application using Dotfuscator Professional Edition's pruning system.


Explains how to use Dotfuscator Professional Edition's assembly linker to package a .NET application.


Explains how to embed information in your assemblies using Dotfuscator Professional Edition’s PreMark™ application watermarking feature.

Tamper Notification and Runtime Intelligence with SO-signal

Explains how to add tamper notification and runtime intelligence to your application using Dotfuscator.

Advanced Topics

Describes some common scenarios encountered when Dotfuscating complex applications.

Using the Command Line Interface

Documents the command line interface switches, and describes how they can interact with the GUI.

GUI Reference

Explains how to configure your application for obfuscation using Dotfuscator's standalone GUI.


Contains definitions, sample configuration, and mapping files.


Contains links to samples that can be found online.

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