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The Migration Process

Migration is the process of moving your work items or source code files into Team Foundation. Team Foundation includes converters to help you migrate the data into Team Foundation. One converter migrates data from Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation source control, and the other migrates data from ClearQuest to Team Foundation work item tracking.

The Migration Process

The migration process for any kind of data follows the same process:

  1. Prepare for migration.

  2. Prepare the data for migration.

  3. Migrate the data.

    The migration process is shown in the following figure:

    Migration Process image

Prepare for Migration

To prepare for migration, you have to do the following:

  • Select a time to migrate   Schedule the migration for a time when users do not have to access the data that you are migrating. You may also want to lock the data to make sure no work is being performed during the migration.

  • Set up a Team Foundation Team Project   You have to create a team project to migrate the data to. For more information, see How to: Create a Team Project.

  • Create a work item type definition   If you are migrating work items, you may have to create a work item type that lets you migrate all the data that you want to preserve from your previous work item tracking software. For more information, see Customizing Work Item Types on Team Foundation Server.

Prepare the Data for Migration

To prepare the data for migration, you have to do the following:

  • Back up the data   Follow the instructions for the source software for backing up your data.

  • Analyze the data   Analyze how the data is migrated. Both of the converters have an analyze function that lets you see how data is migrated and make adjustments as appropriate. During the analysis, the converters create files that contain the settings that are used during migration to control the migration.

  • Make any changes required for a successful migration   If you notice issues during the analysis, you can change the settings files or to the team project to refine how data is migrated.

Migrate the Data

To migrate the data, you have to do the following:

  • Edit settings files to control the migration   There are several files created during analysis that you may have to edit. For example, for work item migration, you have to change the user map file, the field map file, and the schema map file.

  • Migrate the data   Use the converter to migrate the data. For more information, see Migrating from Visual SourceSafe or Migrating from ClearQuest.

  • Verify the migration   Check your data in Team Foundation and make sure that the migration data has been transferred successfully.

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