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-ms-layout-flow property

Specifies the direction and flow of the content in the object.

Internet Explorer 9



-ms-layout-flow: horizontal | vertical-ideographic

Property values

  • horizontal
    Default. Content in the object flows from left to right, and the next horizontal line is positioned underneath the previous line. This layout is used in most Roman-based documents.

  • vertical-ideographic
    Content in the object flows from top to bottom, and the next vertical line appears to the left of the previous one. This layout is used in East Asian typography.

CSS information

Applies To All elements
Media visual
Inherited 1
Initial Value


Windows Internet Explorer 8. The -ms-layout-flow attribute is an extension to CSS, and can be used as a synonym for layout-flow in IE8 Standards mode.

This is a deprecated property; use the -ms-writing-mode property instead.

This property is read-only for the .


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