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The InkOverlay type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method InkOverlay Overloaded.



  Name Description
Public method Dispose Overloaded.
Public method Draw
Public method Equals Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object. (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method Finalize (Overrides Object.Finalize().)
Public method GetGestureStatus
Public method GetHashCode Serves as a hash function for a particular type. (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetType Gets the Type of the current instance. (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetWindowInputRectangle
Public method HitTestSelection
Protected method MemberwiseClone Creates a shallow copy of the current Object. (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method OnCursorButtonDown
Protected method OnCursorButtonUp
Protected method OnCursorDown
Protected method OnCursorInRange
Protected method OnCursorOutOfRange
Protected method OnDoubleClick
Protected method OnGesture
Protected method OnMouseDown
Protected method OnMouseMove
Protected method OnMouseUp
Protected method OnMouseWheel
Protected method OnNewInAirPackets
Protected method OnNewPackets
Protected method OnPainted
Protected method OnPainting
Protected method OnSelectionChanged
Protected method OnSelectionChanging
Protected method OnSelectionMoved
Protected method OnSelectionMoving
Protected method OnSelectionResized
Protected method OnSelectionResizing
Protected method OnStroke
Protected method OnStrokesDeleted
Protected method OnStrokesDeleting
Protected method OnSystemGesture
Protected method OnTabletAdded
Protected method OnTabletRemoved
Public method SetAllTabletsMode Overloaded.
Public method SetGestureStatus
Public method SetSingleTabletIntegratedMode
Public method SetWindowInputRectangle
Public method ToString Returns a String that represents the current Object. (Inherited from Object.)



  Name Description
Public field ClipInkToMargin
Public field DefaultMargin



  Name Description
Public property AttachedControl
Public property AttachMode
Public property AutoRedraw
Public property CollectingInk
Public property CollectionMode
Public property Cursor
Public property Cursors
Public property DefaultDrawingAttributes
Public property DesiredPacketDescription
Public property DynamicRendering
Public property EditingMode
Public property Enabled
Public property EraserMode
Public property EraserWidth
Public property Handle
Public property Ink
Public property MarginX
Public property MarginY
Public property Renderer
Public property Selection
Public property SupportHighContrastInk
Public property SupportHighContrastSelectionUI
Public property Tablet



  Name Description
Public event CursorButtonDown
Public event CursorButtonUp
Public event CursorDown
Public event CursorInRange
Public event CursorOutOfRange
Public event DoubleClick
Public event Gesture
Public event MouseDown
Public event MouseMove
Public event MouseUp
Public event MouseWheel
Public event NewInAirPackets
Public event NewPackets
Public event Painted
Public event Painting
Public event SelectionChanged
Public event SelectionChanging
Public event SelectionMoved
Public event SelectionMoving
Public event SelectionResized
Public event SelectionResizing
Public event Stroke
Public event StrokesDeleted
Public event StrokesDeleting
Public event SystemGesture
Public event TabletAdded
Public event TabletRemoved


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