MessengerWindow Object

Deprecated. The MessengerWindow object corresponds to the IMessengerWindow interface. This object can represent either the main application window or a conversation window that contains one or more active sessions between contacts and the local client user.


MSMSGS.EXE implements this object.

A MessengerWindow object is not intended to be created separately through CoCreateInstance or other Component Object Model (COM) object instantiation techniques. Client implementers should access existing MessengerWindow objects only after creating the Messenger object. After this object is created, a MessengerWindow object can be referenced through one of the following:

  • Using return values from several IMessenger interface methods that create or access MessengerWindow objects.
  • Various DMessengerEvents events that return MessengerWindow object references.

Important  MessengerWindow is no longer available in Windows Vista. See Windows Messenger for more information.

Interfaces Implemented


Object Information

Header and IDL files msgrua.h, msgrua.idl
CLSID Not available
Minimum availability Messenger 4.0
Minimum operating systems Windows XP