IMessengerWindow::Close Method

Deprecated. Closes a Messenger window. If the window is a conversation window, terminates any sessions contained in it.



Return Value

Returns one of the following values: 

S_OK Success.
S_FALSE Messenger window was already closed.
E_FAIL Could not get window handle.


Windows that are being closed while some actions are still in progress may return confirmation dialog boxes to the user, which will hang up the application until the user responds.

Closing the main application window effectively "knocks it into the tray." The object is still active and maintains a process, but does not appear on the taskbar. Closing a conversation window essentially de-references it. Further IMessengerWindow calls against that window will be invalid because the window and its internal object have been completely removed, not just hidden, from the client. After a conversation window has been closed, any pointers to it should be cleaned up.

Note  This method is not available for scripting languages.

Important  IMessengerWindow::Close is no longer available in Windows Vista. See Windows Messenger for more information.

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