RadiusExtensionProcess2 Callback Function

The RadiusExtensionProcess2 function is an application defined-function and is called by Internet Authentication Service (IAS) for each authentication or accounting packet that IAS receives from the network access server (NAS). This function is similar to RadiusExtensionProcess. However, RadiusExtensionProcess2 enables an Extension or Authorization DLL to append and remove attributes to and from the authentication response.

DWORD WINAPI RadiusExtensionProcess2(


  • pECB
    Pointer to a RADIUS_EXTENSION_CONTROL_BLOCK structure. The members of this structure contain values and function pointers that enable the Extension or Authorization DLL to process the RADIUS packet.

Return Value

If the function succeeds, the return value is NO_ERROR.

If the function fails, the return value should be an appropriate error code from Winerror.h.


If the return value is anything other than NO_ERROR, IAS discards the request.

IAS supports multiple Extension and Authorization DLLs. IAS calls RadiusExtensionProcess2 for each of the DLLs listed in the registry. For more information see Setting Up the Extension and Authorization DLLs.

Extension and Authorization DLLs that export RadiusExtensionProcess2 do not need to export RadiusExtensionFreeAttributes.



Requires Windows ServerĀ 2008 or Windows ServerĀ 2003.


Declared in AuthIf.h.

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