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Monitor Configuration API
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GetMonitorCapabilities Function

Retrieves the configuration capabilities of a monitor. Call this function to find out which high-level monitor configuration functions are supported by the monitor.


  BOOL GetMonitorCapabilities(






[in]  Handle to a physical monitor. To get the monitor handle, call GetPhysicalMonitorsFromHMONITOR or GetPhysicalMonitorsFromIDirect3DDevice9.


[out]  Receives a bitwise OR of capabilities flags. See Remarks.


[out]  Receives a bitwise OR of color temperature flags. See Remarks.

Return Value

If the function succeeds, the return value is TRUE. If the function fails, the return value is FALSE. To get extended error information, call GetLastError.


The capabilities flags returned in pdwMonitorCapabilities specify which high-level monitor configuration functions are supported by the monitor. They also specify how certain functions behave. The following capabilities flags are defined.

Value Description
MC_CAPS_BRIGHTNESS The monitor supports the  GetMonitorBrightness and SetMonitorBrightness functions.
MC_CAPS_COLOR_TEMPERATURE   The monitor supports the GetMonitorColorTemperature and SetMonitorColorTemperature functions.
MC_CAPS_CONTRAST The monitor supports the GetMonitorContrast and SetMonitorContrast functions.
MC_CAPS_DEGAUSS The monitor supports the DegaussMonitor function.
MC_CAPS_DISPLAY_AREA_POSITION The monitor supports the GetMonitorDisplayAreaPosition and SetMonitorDisplayAreaPosition functions.
MC_CAPS_DISPLAY_AREA_SIZE The monitor supports the GetMonitorDisplayAreaSize and SetMonitorDisplayAreaSize functions.
MC_CAPS_MONITOR_TECHNOLOGY_TYPE The monitor supports the GetMonitorTechnologyType function.
MC_CAPS_NONE The monitor does not support any monitor settings.
MC_CAPS_RED_GREEN_BLUE_DRIVE  The monitor supports the GetMonitorRedGreenOrBlueDrive and SetMonitorRedGreenOrBlueDrive functions.
MC_CAPS_RED_GREEN_BLUE_GAIN   The monitor supports the GetMonitorRedGreenOrBlueGain and SetMonitorRedGreenOrBlueGain functions.
MC_CAPS_RESTORE_FACTORY_COLOR_DEFAULTS The monitor supports the RestoreMonitorFactoryColorDefaults function.
MC_CAPS_RESTORE_FACTORY_DEFAULTS The monitor supports the RestoreMonitorFactoryDefaults function.
MC_RESTORE_FACTORY_DEFAULTS_ENABLES_MONITOR_SETTINGS If this flag is present, calling the RestoreMonitorFactoryDefaults function enables all of the monitor settings used by the high-level monitor configuration functions. For more information, see the Remarks section in RestoreMonitorFactoryDefaults.

The color temperature flags returned in pdwSupportedColorTemperatures specify which color temperatures are supported by the monitor. The following color temperature flags are defined.

Value Description
MC_SUPPORTED_COLOR_TEMPERATURE_NONE No color temperatures are supported.
MC_SUPPORTED_COLOR_TEMPERATURE_4000K The monitor supports 4,000 kelvins (K) color temperature.
MC_SUPPORTED_COLOR_TEMPERATURE_5000K The monitor supports 5,000 K color temperature.
MC_SUPPORTED_COLOR_TEMPERATURE_6500K The monitor supports 6,500 K color temperature.
MC_SUPPORTED_COLOR_TEMPERATURE_7500K The monitor supports 7,500 K color temperature.
MC_SUPPORTED_COLOR_TEMPERATURE_8200K The monitor supports 8,200 K color temperature.
MC_SUPPORTED_COLOR_TEMPERATURE_9300K The monitor supports 9,300 K color temperature.
MC_SUPPORTED_COLOR_TEMPERATURE_10000K The monitor supports 10,000 K color temperature.
MC_SUPPORTED_COLOR_TEMPERATURE_11500K The monitor supports 11,500 K color temperature.

The GetMonitorCapabilities function fails if the monitor does not support DDC/CI.


Client: Requires Windows Vista.

Header: Include HighLevelMonitorConfigurationAPI.h.

Library: Use dxva2.lib.

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