AssemblyReferences Interface


Provides access to the collection of references used in the Web site project.

Namespace:   VsWebSite
Assembly:  VsWebSite.Interop (in VsWebSite.Interop.dll)


public interface AssemblyReferences : IEnumerable
public interface class AssemblyReferences : IEnumerable
type AssemblyReferences = 
        interface IEnumerable
Public Interface AssemblyReferences
    Inherits IEnumerable


Name Description
System_CAPS_pubproperty ContainingProject

Gets a reference to the project in the DTE object that contains this Web service.

System_CAPS_pubproperty Count

Gets the total number of items in the AssemblyReferences collection.

System_CAPS_pubproperty DTE

Gets a reference to the DTE2 object that contains the project containing this Web service.


Name Description
System_CAPS_pubmethod AddFromFile(String)

Adds an AssemblyReference object to the AssemblyReferences collection from the specified file path.

System_CAPS_pubmethod AddFromGAC(String)

Adds an AssemblyReference object representing an assembly in the GAC.

System_CAPS_pubmethod AddFromProject(Project)

Adds an AssemblyReference object from another project.

System_CAPS_pubmethod GetEnumerator()

Gets an enumerator that can iterate through the AssemblyReferences collection.

System_CAPS_pubmethod Item(Object)

Retrieves an item from the collection.

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