DirectShow Enumerated Types

Microsoft DirectShow 9.0

DirectShow Enumerated Types

This section describes the Microsoft® DirectShow® enumerated types. Closed captioning, DVD, VMR-7, VMR-9 and Video Port Extension (VPE) enumerated types are grouped by functionality below the primary list.

Enumerated Type Description
_AM_ASFWRITERCONFIG_PARAM Defines configuration parameters for the WM ASF Writer filter.
AM_ASPECT_RATIO_MODE Specifies the aspect ratio of a video image in a display window.
_AM_AUDIO_RENDERER_STAT_PARAM Specifies which performance information to retrieve from the audio renderer.
_AM_FILTER_MISC_FLAGS Contains the source or renderer filter flags.
AM_GRAPH_CONFIG_RECONNECT_FLAGS Specifies how to reconnect filters when dynamically rebuilding the filter graph.
AM_INTF_SEARCH_FLAGS Specifies the types of object to search, when attempting to find an interface on the filter graph.
AM_MPEG2Level Indicates the MPEG-2 video level as specified in the MPEG-2 video standard.
AM_MPEG2Profile Indicates the MPEG-2 video profile as specified in the MPEG-2 video standard.
AM_OVERLAY_NOTIFY_FLAGS Contains information on what the overlay has changed or what the overlay is about to change.
AM_PIN_CONNECTION_BLOCK_FLAGS Defines flags that specify how to block data flow from an output pin.
AM_PUSHSOURCE_FLAGS Indicates the behavior of a live source filter.
AMRESCTL_RESERVEFLAGS Contains flags specifying whether to increment or decrement the number of resources currently being reserved.
AM_SAMPLE_PROPERTY_FLAGS Specifies values for the dwSampleFlagsand dwStreamId members of the AM_SAMPLE2_PROPERTIES structure. These values describe the properties of media samples.
AM_SEEKING_SEEKING_CAPABILITIES Specifies the seeking capabilities of a media stream.
AM_STREAM_INFO_FLAGS Indicates whether various components of the AM_STREAM_INFO structure have been set.
AMExtendedSeekingCapabilities Specifies the seeking capabilities of a filter. Used with IAMExtendedSeeking::get_ExSeekCapabilities.
AMOVERLAYFX Specifies effects on a Microsoft® DirectDraw® hardware overlay surface.
AMTunerModeType Specifies the frequency of a TV tuner (cable or antenna).
AnalogVideoStandard Specifies the format of the baseband analog video signal.
CameraControlFlags Specifies whether a particular camera function is set automatically or manually.
CameraControlProperty Specifies what part of the camera DirectShow is controlling.
CompressionCaps Indicates video compression capabilities.
DECIMATION_USAGE Describes the decimation strategy used by the overlay mixer filter.
DVDECODERRESOLUTION Indicates the digital video (DV) decoding resolution.
DVENCODERFORMAT Indicates the DV format.
DVENCODERRESOLUTION Indicates the DV encoding resolution.
DVENCODERVIDEOFORMAT Indicates the video standard (NTSC or PAL) for DV encoding.
FILTER_STATE Specifies a filter's state.
InterleavingMode Specifies how video frames and audio samples will be written to disk.
MEDIA_SAMPLE_CONTENT Describes the contents of an elementary stream within an MPEG-2 transport stream.
PhysicalConnectorType Specifies the physical type of pin.
PIN_DIRECTION Indicates a pin's direction.
QualityMessageType Describes a quality message.
REG_PINFLAG Defines flags for the REGFILTERPINS2 structure.
REM_FILTER_FLAGS Specifies how to remove a filter from the filter graph.
SNDDEV_ERR Specifies how the audio device was being accessed when a failure occurred.
TunerInputType Specifies the frequency of a TV tuner (cable or antenna).
TVAudioMode Specifies the mode of a TV audio control.
VfwCaptureDialogs Specifies a dialog box for a Microsoft Video for Windows® capture driver.
VfwCompressDialogs Specifies a dialog box for a Video for Windows codec .
VideoControlFlags Specifies a mode of operation for a video device, such as horizontal or vertical flip, external trigger enable, and trigger simulate.
VIDEOENCODER_BITRATE_MODE Defines the three types of bit rates supported by the IEncoderAPI interface methods.
VideoProcAmpFlags Specifies how to set video properties.
VideoProcAmpProperty Specifies video properties on a video capture device.

The following enumerated types are specific to Line21 and WST closed captioning.

Enumerated Type Description
AM_LINE21_CCLEVEL Indicates the closed captioning capability level.
AM_LINE21_CCSERVICE Indicates the closed captioning decoder service.
AM_LINE21_CCSTATE Indicates the closed captioning state (on or off).
AM_LINE21_DRAWBGMODE Indicates the closed-captioned text background mode.
AM_WST_DRAWBGMODE Specifies whether the background of a WST closed captioning window is opaque or transparent.
AM_WST_LEVEL Not supported.
AM_WST_SERVICE Specifies the type of WST service.
AM_WST_STATE Specifies whether WST closed captioning is on or off.
AM_WST_STYLE Not supported.

The following enumerated types are specific to DVD.

Enumerated Type Description
AM_DVD_GRAPH_FLAGS Specifies the type of decoder to use in a DVD filter graph.
AM_DVD_STREAM_FLAGS Describes a DVD stream type (video, audio, or subpicture).
DVD_AUDIO_APPMODE Indicates the current audio mode.
DVD_AUDIO_FORMAT Indicates the audio format of a DVD.
DVD_AUDIO_LANG_EXT Defines flags that indicate whether an audio stream contains audio language extensions.
DVD_CMD_FLAGS Defines flags that control how the DVD Navigator filter handles command synchronization.
DVD_DISC_SIDE Indicates the sides of a DVD disc.
DVD_DOMAIN Specifies DVD domains.
DVD_ERROR Specifies DVD error conditions.
DVD_FRAMERATE Indicates whether the DVD is authored to play at 25 or 30 frames per second.
DVD_KARAOKE_ASSIGNMENT Defines the speaker configuration for an audio stream.
DVD_KARAOKE_CONTENTS Specifies flags that, when used in a bitwise OR operation, describe the contents of each channel of an audio stream in a karaoke title.
DVD_KARAOKE_DOWNMIX Defines flags used by the IDvdControl2::SelectKaraokeAudioPresentationMode method to control which speakers, if any, each auxiliary channel is downmixed to.
DVD_MENU_ID Specifies DVD Video Title Set (VTS) menu identifiers.
DVD_OPTION_FLAG Defines flags that control aspects of the DVD Navigator filter's behavior related to playback of DVD content.
DVD_PARENTAL_LEVEL Identifies flags for the generic parental levels defined in the DVD specification.
DVD_PB_STOPPED Indicates why DVD playback stopped.
DVD_PREFERRED_DISPLAY_MODE Indicates the user's preferred window aspect ratio and conversion method.
DVD_RELATIVE_BUTTON Identifies the four directional buttons used for DVD menu navigation and other operations.
DVD_SUBPICTURE_CODING Indicates what kind of content the subpicture stream contains.
DVD_SUBPICTURE_LANG_EXT Defines the possible language extensions in a specified subpicture stream.
DVD_SUBPICTURE_TYPE Defines flags used to determine what kind of content the subpicture stream contains.
DVD_TextCharSet Defines which ISO character set a specified string is encoded with.
DVD_TextStringType Defines a subset of the DVD text string types.
DVD_TIMECODE_FLAGS Indicates the frame rate at which a DVD has been authored to play.
DVD_TITLE_APPMODE Indicates whether a DVD title is a karaoke title.
DVD_VIDEO_COMPRESSION Defines the possible DVD video compression types.
DVD_WARNING Specifies DVD warning conditions.
VALID_UOP_FLAG Indicates which user operation (UOP) commands are currently allowed by the DVD.

The following enumerated types are specific to the VMR-7.

Enumerated Type Description
VMR_ASPECT_RATIO_MODE Used with the IVMRWindowlessControl::GetAspectRatioMode and IVMRWindowlessControl::SetAspectRatioMode methods to set and retrieve the aspect ratio mode
VMRDeinterlacePrefs Used to describe the deinterlacing preference policy for the VMR.
VMRDeinterlaceTech Used to describe the algorithm used for deinterlacing a stream. Flags are not mutually exclusive.
VMRMixerPrefs Contains flags that specify decimation, filtering, and color space information that will be used when the video image is created on the DirectDraw surface.
VMRMode Used in calls to the IVMRFilterConfig::GetRenderingMode and IVMRFilterConfig::SetRenderingMode methods to retrieve or specify the VMR-7's rendering mode.
VMRPresentationFlags Member of the VMRPRESENTATIONINFO structure
VMRRenderPrefs Used with the IVMRFilterConfig::GetRenderingPrefs and IVMRFilterConfig::SetRenderingPrefs methods to get and set basic rendering preferences.
VMRSurfaceAllocationFlags used with the IVMRSurfaceAllocator::AllocateSurface method to specify surface creation parameters.

The following enumerated types are specific to the VMR-9.

Enumerated Type Description
VMR9_SampleFormat Describes the interlacing of a video stream.
VMR9AlphaBitmapFlags Defines the possible values for the dwFlags member of the VMR9AlphaBitmap structure.
VMR9AspectRatioMode Used with the IVMRWindowlessControl9::GetAspectRatioMode and SetAspectRatioMode methods to set and retrieve the aspect ratio mode.
VMR9DeinterlacePrefs Describes the deinterlacing method that the VMR-9 uses if the method set by the application cannot be used.
VMR9DeinterlaceTech Describes the algorithm used for deinterlacing a video stream.
VMR9MixerPrefs Contains flags that specify decimation, filtering, and color space information that will be used when the video image is created on the Direct3D surface
VMR9Mode Used in calls to the IVMRFilterConfig9::GetRenderingMode and SetRenderingMode methods to retrieve or specify the VMR-9's rendering mode.
VMR9PresentationFlags Member of the VMR9PresentationInfo structure.
VMR9ProcAmpControlFlags Specifies image adjustment properties.
VMR9RenderPrefs Specifies basic rendering preferences for the VMR-9.
VMR9SurfaceAllocationFlags Used with the IVMRSurfaceAllocator9::InitializeDevice method to specify surface creation parameters.

The following enumerated types are specific to Video Port Extensions.

Enumerated Type Description
AMVP_MODE Specifies the various modes for video ports (VP).
AMVP_SELECT_FORMAT_BY Specifies the criteria that the VP mixer should use to select the video format.