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Tablet PC SDK Versions

Tablet PC SDK Versions

Description of the various versions of the Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition Software Development Kit (SDK).

Developers who want to use the latest features of the Tablet PC SDK should use the latest version of the software development kit (SDK), which is Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Development Kit 1.7.

Version 1.7

Tablet PC SDK 1.7 extends the development functionality beyond that available in version 1.5. See What's New in Tablet PC SDK Version 1.7 for a review of the new features.

In the past, the functionality of version 1.5 was in a separate binary, but in Tablet PC SDK 1.7, all functionality has been placed into one single binary.

Version 1.5

Version 1.5 of the SDK superceded version 1.1. It provided pen input panel and ink analysis features.

Note: If you are installing the Tablet PC SDK version 1.5, after installation you must re-establish references to the Microsoft ink assembly in applications written against previous versions of the Tablet PC SDK before compiling and running.

Version 1.1

Version 1.1 of the SDK superceded version 1.0. The version 1.1 release consisted solely of updates to the documentation; the platform binaries were not changed between version 1.1 of the SDK and the shipped version of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Therefore, applications developed against the version 1.1 SDK do not need to redistribute any components to use platform features when installed on Tablet PCs.

Note: Applications being distributed to non-Tablet PC operating systems can use a subset of Tablet PC platform features. These applications must include the redistributed merge module that shipped in the version 1.1 SDK with their setup.

Version 1.0

Version 1.0 of the SDK is superceded by version 1.1.