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ShadeCaps Structure (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Defines shading operation capabilities.


Visual Basic Public Structure ShadeCaps
C# public struct ShadeCaps 
C++ public value class ShadeCaps sealed 
JScript In JScript, you can use structures, but you cannot define your own.

Members Table

The following table lists the members exposed by the object.


Method Description
ToString Obtains a string representation of the current instance.


Property Description
SupportsAlphaGouraudBlend Specifies whether the device supports an alpha component for Gouraud-blended transparency.
SupportsColorGouraudRgb Specifies whether the device supports colored Gouraud shading in the RGB color model.
SupportsFogGouraud Specifies whether the device supports fog in the Gouraud shading mode.
SupportsSpecularGouraudRgb Specifies whether the device supports Gouraud shading of specular highlights.


It is generally assumed that if a device supports a shading operation at all, it at least supports flat shading.

When alpha components are not supported, the alpha value of generated colors is implicitly 255. This is the maximum possible alpha (that is, the alpha component is at full intensity).

Structure Information

Namespace Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D
Assembly Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D (microsoft.directx.direct3d.dll)
Strong Name Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D,  Version=1.0.900.0,  Culture=neutral,  PublicKeyToken=d3231b57b74a1492