RasterCaps.SupportsZBufferLessHsr Property (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Determines whether a device can perform hidden-surface removal (HSR) without requiring the application to sort polygons and without requiring a depth buffer to be allocated.


Visual Basic Public ReadOnly Property SupportsZBufferLessHsr As Boolean
C# public bool SupportsZBufferLessHsr { get; }
C++ public:
property bool SupportsZBufferLessHsr {
        bool get();
JScript public function get SupportsZBufferLessHsr() : boolean

Property Value

Value that is true if the device supports bufferless HSR, or false if it does not.

This property is read-only. 


Z-bufferless HSR leaves more video memory for textures. The method used to perform HSR is hardware-dependent and transparent to the application.

Z-bufferless HSR is performed if no depth-buffer surface is associated with the render target surface and the depth-buffer comparison test is enabled (that is, when the state value associated with RenderStateManager.ZBufferEnable is set to true).