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CameraCaptureDialog Class


Gets or sets the still image or video image file name.

Namespace: Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Forms
Assembly: Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Forms (in microsoft.windowsmobile.forms.dll)


public class CameraCaptureDialog : Component
Public Class CameraCaptureDialog
    Inherits Component


Still images on Windows Mobile devices conform to the JPEG standard. As a result, file names for still images must end in *.jpg. There is no restriction for naming video files, other than the file format must be supported by Windows Media Player Mobile. Since different video encoders can use differing naming conventions, it is important that the file name has the correct extension. To be safe, you can simply use NULL when naming Video files. If DefaultFileName is NULL, then the file name specified in Picture & Video > Camera Options > Type filename prefix: is used. If the file already exists, it is overwritten. The combination of InitialDirectory and DefaultFileName must not exceed 256 characters.

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