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This message is sent by an application to a window to enable changes in that window to be redrawn or to prevent changes in that window from being redrawn.

WM_SETREDRAW wParam = (WPARAM) fRedraw; 
  lParam = 0;


  • fRedraw
    Specifies the state of the redraw flag. If set to TRUE, the redraw flag is set. If set to FALSE, the flag is cleared.
  • lParam

Return Values

An application should return zero if it processes this message.


The window manager provides no default processing for this message. However, certain controls do support this message, list box, tree view, and combo box.

This message sets or clears the redraw flag. If the redraw flag is cleared, the content of the given window is not updated after each change, and the window is not repainted until the redraw flag is set. For example, an application that must add several items to a list box can clear the redraw flag, add the items, and then set the redraw flag. Finally, the application can call the InvalidateRect function to cause the list box to be repainted.


OS Versions: Windows CE 1.0 and later.
Header: Winuser.h.

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