Matrix.PerspectiveFovRH(Single,Single,Single,Single) Method (Microsoft.DirectX)

Builds a right-handed perspective projection matrix based on a field of view (FOV).


Visual Basic Public Shared Function PerspectiveFovRH( _
    ByVal fieldOfViewY As Single, _
    ByVal aspectRatio As Single, _
    ByVal znearPlane As Single, _
    ByVal zfarPlane As Single _
) As Matrix
C# public static Matrix PerspectiveFovRH(
    float fieldOfViewY,
    float aspectRatio,
    float znearPlane,
    float zfarPlane
C++ public:
static Matrix PerspectiveFovRH(
    float fieldOfViewY,
    float aspectRatio,
    float znearPlane,
    float zfarPlane
JScript public static function PerspectiveFovRH(
    fieldOfViewY : float,
    aspectRatio : float,
    znearPlane : float,
    zfarPlane : float
) : Matrix;


fieldOfViewY System.Single
Field of view in the y direction, in radians.
aspectRatio System.Single
Aspect ratio, defined as the view space width divided by height.
znearPlane System.Single
Z-value of the near view plane.
zfarPlane System.Single
Z-value of the far view plane.

Return Value

A Matrix structure that is a right-handed perspective projection matrix.


This method uses the following formula to compute the returned matrix. The view space height is represented by h. It is calculated from h = cot(fieldOfViewY/2). The view space width is represented by w. It is calculated from h = w / aspectRatio.

w       0       0                                              0
0       h       0                                              0
0       0       zfarPlane/(znearPlane-zfarPlane)              -1
0       0       znearPlane*zfarPlane/(znearPlane-zfarPlane)    0

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