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Rights Management Services SDK Documentation


The Microsoft® Windows® Rights Management Services (RMS) SDK can be used to create applications that enforce terms of use for encrypted digital assets, regardless of the format or content.

RMS uses XrML 1.2.1, a rights expression language based on XML, for its mechanism of policy expression.

Here are just a few of the many scenarios in which applications built on the RMS SDK might be used:

  • The developers of a computer-aided design/manufacturing software product want to limit access to their design files to a small group of users within a research division without requiring the use of passwords.
  • A law firm wants to prevent sensitive e-mail messages from being printed or forwarded outside the company.
  • A graphic design Web site company wants to use a single license that allows free viewing of low-resolution copies of their images but requires payment for access to the high-resolution versions.
  • A company wants to use a server to perform a virus scan or other procedure on RMS-protected content but does not want to use the RMS client lockbox on the server. Instead, the company uses the RMS server lockbox, introduced in RMS 1.0 SP1.
  • The owners of an online document library want to detect the identity of a visitor and allow the visitor to submit or download documents with view, print, or edit rights based on their identity.
  • A company wants to publish a Web site that contains dynamic information, such as corporate information, that can be viewed for only one week.
  • A corporation wants to publish sensitive information, such as employee salaries, to an internal, corporate Web site that follows a standard corporate policy that restricts access and editing privileges to certain users.

The following items in the MSDN Library are of particular interest to application developers:

You can download the Windows Rights Management Services SDK to read more about the technology. To begin developing an RMS application that provides for offline publishing or consumes information, the developer will need to sign a Development License Agreement with Microsoft. To begin this process, follow the provided instructions. To learn the minimum security requirements that must be met by applications developed using the RMS SDK, read RM_Security_Guidelines.doc, which is packaged with the RMS SDK.

To develop an application with the RMS SDK, you will need to install the Windows Rights Management client. You will also need access to a Windows Rights Management Services service. If you do not have access to an existing RMS service, you can download and install your own from Windows Rights Management Services.