Microsoft Cabinet SDK


Microsoft Corporation

Updated March 20, 1997

The Cabinet Software Development Kit provides developers with the components needed to utilize Microsoft's cabinet file technology within other applications, or to build cabinet file management tools. Microsoft is committed to making cabinet files an open technology.

This release of the Cabinet Software Development Kit (formerly called the Cabinet Resource Kit) provides complete documentation of cabinet file internals and the various data compression formats used in cabinet files, including the new LZX data compression technology.

Note   The executable and library files in this release are for Microsoft® Windows® 95 and Microsoft Windows NT® on Intel® i386™ platforms. Some libraries for 16-bit applications on Intel x86 platforms and other 32-bit Windows NT platforms are available.

Another tool, called CABView, can be found in the Microsoft Power Toys Web site. CABView allows you to treat CAB files like folders—you can look inside and drag files in/out with ease.

The original Cabinet SDK download is no longer available. The documentation from the Cabinet SDK is available here: The Cabinet API is documented here: Other Cabinet resources can be found in the Windows SDK: