.NET StockTrader 6.1 Sample Application

An end-to-end sample application illustrating Windows Azure cloud-connected Web and cross-device mobile applications for Windows 8, Windows Phone, Google Android, and Apple IPhone devices.

The Azure StockTrader 6.1 application is an end-to-end sample application for Windows Azure. It is a service-oriented application based on Windows Communication Foundation and ASP.NET, with a RESTful backend hosted on Windows Azure. It includes cross-platform clients for HTML5, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android and iOS that connect to the Azure Cloud Services backend. The backend database is Windows Azure SQL Database, and the application optionally supports scale-out via SQL Database Federation.

HTML 5/MVC Front End
HTML 5/MVC Front End


Windows 8 Front End
Windows 8 Front End

Windows Phone, IPhone and Android Clients
Windows Phone, IPhone and Android Clients

.NET StockTrader 6.x Videos

StockTrader 6 online technical presentation (~1 hour)
This session will present extensions to the Azure StockTrader application to run on mobile devices including Windows Phone, IPhone, and Android devices.

SQL Database Federations Deep-dive presentation
(~1 hour)
In this session we will deep dive on building large scale solutions on SQL Azure, covering patterns and techniques for building scalability into your relational databases using SQL Azure Federations.

.NET StockTrader 6.1 Technical Articles

Stock Trader 6.1 Technical Overview
Overview of the new StockTrader 6 application architecture, and the variety of physical deployment topologies the application supports.

Guide to VS Solutions in the Sample
Guide to the various VS solutions and source code included. Note the solutions will work in either VS 2010 or VS 2012.

Reconfiguring StockTrader 6.1
A step-by-step tutorial for reconfiguring StockTrader to various remote modes and security modes the application supports. 

Using the Configuration Service Visual Studio Wizard
Step-by-Step Tutorial on Using the Configuration Service 6.1 Visual Studio Wizard
The new Wizard automates the creation of an application or service implementing the Configuration Service 6.1 ala StockTrader; including for Windows Azure Cloud Services both Web and Worker roles. The wizard also produces a structured solution that implements the StockTrader 6.1 design pattern for UI, Business Services and Data Access. Simply run the wizard, and then replace the sample business logic/data access logic with your logic as a quick way to get started.

Configuration Service Technical Guide
Technical Documentation for the Configuration Service
This document is updated for 6.1, and provides a technical overview of the Configuration Service.

Note: If you have difficulty opening these PDF documents directly, try saving them locally first.

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Azure-hosted backend with x-platform mobile device apps and source code

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StockTrader 6.1 Technical Overview

StockTrader 6.1 Guide to Solutions

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Technologies Demonstrated

  • Cloud-connected Web and mobile device applications for Windows Azure
  • .NET Framework 4.x/C#
  • Xamarin Mono cross-platform mobile framework
  • Windows Azure SQL Database
  • Windows Azure Service Bus