Team Foundation Server Migration and Integration Solutions

Migration and integration solutions automate the process of moving data between other version control or work item tracking systems and Team Foundation Server.

Featured Solution


Getting Started with IBM Rational to Team Foundation Server Migrations

Learn how to migrate to Team Foundation Server from IBM Rational ClearCase and Rational ClearQuest. Check out this detailed resource that includes a step-by-step guide, prerequisite information, links to documentation and tools, and a detailed walk-through of the guidance available.

Featured Tools

  • TFS Integration Platform - This platform enables the development of two major classifications of tools: tools that move data unidirectionally into TFS, and tools that synchronize data bidirectionally.
  • VSS Converter Tool Walkthrough - In this walkthrough you will find detailed information about how to prepare a SourceSafe database and user list for migration to Team Foundation Server.
  • TFS Migration and Integration for HP, IBM and more - Provides both migration and integration solutions for TFS to HP, IBM and 30+ ALM systems; while enabling TFS to provide manageability and visibility across functional groups and business systems while maintaining complete historical data and traceability.

Partner Tools

  • TFS Synchronizer for Quality Center, Rational Team Concert, Jira, and more

    Provides instant synchronization and configurable automated conflict resolution necessary when using Team Foundation Server alongside other ALM systems.

  • CVS to TFS Converter

    This tool brings historical versions over and provides tools for reorganizing branches during the conversion process.

  • HP ALM to TFS Synchronizer

    The TFS Adapter enables HP ALM Synchronizer users to synchronize data between HP ALM defects and TFS work items.

  • HP Quality Center to TFS Synchronizer

    The TFS Adapter enables Quality Center Synchronizer users to synchronize data between Quality Center defects and TFS work items.

  • StarTeam to TFS Converter

    This tool will convert changesets, labels, and rename operations, and provides tools for reorganizing branches during the conversion process.

  • TFS Migration Tool for Subversion

    Moves version control data from Subversion to Team Foundation Server.  This tool brings historical versions over, and rename and undelete operations are converted to the corresponding TFS operations.

  • TFS Bug Item Synchronizer for Quality Center (QC)

    This tool allows testing teams using QC to work with development teams using TFS by synchronizing QC Defects and Requirements with TFS work items.

  • SVN to TFS Features

    Migrates version control data from Subversion to Team Foundation Server and also provides a two-way synchronization on the migrated data.

  • TFS Rapid Migration from HP Quality Center Power Tool

    Migrates all aspects of HP QC over to TFS through simple wizard navigation; this tool saves all your investment and allows you to migrate over to Team Foundation Server in a single weekend.

  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Server Manager Bond

    This solution synchronizes, bi-directionally, all HP Service Manager activities (Incident, Change Management, etc...) to custom work items at a TFS 2010 Project. The solution utilizes System Center Orchestrator for monitoring both systems and reflects only the changed items or new ones from both TFS 2010 or HP Service Manager 9.0.

Partner Services


Accentient's background is in software development best practices and project management. Unlike other training companies who focus on Team System’s features, Accentient's focus is on the team. They help teams increase their predictability, productivity and quality. They are world-class consultants with years of experience in software configuration management practices, including version control, build management, and reportability.

AIT Applied Information Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

AIT is a leading provider for customized, cutting-edge software solutions based on Microsoft .NET technologies. AIT is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has established itself as a key service partner for software life cycle management solutions using Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Team System.

Northwest Cadence

Migration can be painful. To minimize the pain, Northwest Cadence works with your team to understand your particular issues: why you need to migrate, how the change will impact your team, and what tools need to be considered. We then work with you to create an effective plan for change, and execute that plan cleanly and safely to minimize disruption. Our consultants have deep technical experience with Team Foundation Server and the TFS Integration Platform. We also have substantial experience helping customers migrate from competing ALM tools. We can either leverage a tool solution that is already in our library, or build a one way or bi-directional synchronization to meet your precise needs. Our goal is to ensure you have a successful, pain-free migration so you can start seeing results.

Notion Solutions

Notion Solutions provides services for migrating data from existing version control and work tracking system into Team Foundation Server. Data can be migrated from your existing defect tracking systems, help desk systems, project management systems, or other systems that are being replace by Team Foundation Server.  Notion Solutions can also work with you to build tools to facilitate ongoing synchronization between Team Foundation Server and existing version control or work tracking systems.

Persistent Systems

Persistent Systems offers services across the software product development life cycle. Specific to migration solutions, Persistent can offer custom solutions and services for the Team Foundation Server Migration Tool for IBM Rational ClearCase.


Tasktop Sync is based on a thriving open source community of integrations and connects Team Foundation Server to many ALM systems including HP Quality Center, IBM Rational Team Concert, Jira, Bugzilla and more. The solution provides instant data synchronization for Team Foundation Server work items with customizable data transformation, configurable conflict resolution and a scalable incremental approach suitable for enterprise ALM systems. The solution includes professional services to ensure smooth deployment consisting of IT environment and workflow analysis, data mapping, configuration, deployment, testing and administrator training. Tasktop also provides custom development services to extend the solution to support additional ALM servers and capabilities.

Timely Migration

Timely Migration is a suite of tools designed to bring history from various source control systems into Team Foundation Server. Currently supported source control systems include CVS, StarTeam, Subversion and TFS. Timely Development also provides services to help you plan, configure and perform the migration from your existing system to Team Foundation Server.