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Microsoft Project Siena (code name) is a new technology for business experts and other app imagineers. Now, without any programming, you can create apps that harness the power of corporate data and content, as well as web services. Here are some examples of the kinds of apps people have been building:

  • Apps for consuming information, such as product catalogs and video-based lesson plans.
  • Apps for on-the-spot decisions, such as adjusting insurance claims and accessorizing an outfit.
  • Apps for tasks that involve capturing pictures, audio, handwriting, and other real-world input.

It's easy to get going

Building a Siena app is as easy as editing a PowerPoint presentation or Excel spreadsheet. You place some visuals on a canvas. You hook them up to your data or favorite services. You customize how your app looks and works. Then, if you need special logic and intelligence, you write some Excel-like expressions. You can use your app immediately, or share it with colleagues or the world.

Try it out

Install Siena, watch one of the how-to videos, and then build the app that you’ve been imagining—in less than an hour.

The main attractions

  • Conceptualize, validate, and build your app ideas as easily as editing a document.
  • Connect to corporate and web data.
  • Compose rich interactive visuals to create custom, unique apps.
  • Add business logic and intelligence using the power of Excel expressions.
  • Use the app yourself, and share it with colleagues or the world.