Using Power BI in a Hybrid Environment

Summary: This paper describes best practices for security, networking, and component architecture for building a hybrid business intelligence (BI) environment by using a combination of Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and on-premises data sources. Many organizations are taking advantage of the benefits of cloud computing such as lower capital expenditures and increased agility, while still maintaining data in on-premises data stores.

Authors: Joseph D'Antoni, Stacia Misner

Technical Reviewers: Ed Price, Carla Sabotta, Cindy Gross, Olivier Matrat, Kay Unkroth, Derrick VanArnam, Adam Saxton, David Torres, Greg Low, Ross LoForte

Published: August, 2014

Applies to: SQL Server, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Azure


To review the document, please download the Using Power BI in a Hybrid Environment Word document.

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