Welcome to MultiPoint Mouse SDK

The Windows® MultiPoint™ Mouse Software Development Kit (SDK) is a development framework that enables you to build applications to support up to 25 mouse devices concurrently on one computer. As a developer, you can use the MultiPoint Mouse SDK to create educational applications for schools with limited technological infrastructure, thereby increasing the time any one student can spend on a computer. Initial pilot programs conducted in India by Microsoft® Research show that for some subjects, collaborative learning technologies such as MultiPoint Mouse improve learning when compared to a 1:1 computing scenario.

The MultiPoint Mouse SDK is not intended for applications that enable multiple people to control multiple mouse devices to perform standard operations. In those cases, the system traditionally cannot identify which mouse has made which changes, and there is usually no option for controlling the permissions of the various devices. The MultiPoint Mouse SDK enables you to build applications to take advantage of multiple mouse devices. This includes the ability to independently handle mouse clicks from different users, and to assign different permissions to each mouse. For example, the mouse that a teacher uses in a learning application can have additional permissions to control activity on the screen.

What’s New in This Release

The MultiPoint Mouse 1.5.1 SDK features better performance on low-end modern hardware (especially Atom-based netbooks) and improved device detection, including support for PS/2, touchpad, and Bluetooth pointing devices.