June 2019

Volume 34 Number 6

June 2019 Code Downloads

Artificially Intelligent - Exploring Data with R

Frank La Vigne explores the R programming language, which has emerged as a powerful tool for data wrangling and mathematical processing, thanks to its wide array of built-in statistical algorithms and extensibility via functions and extension packages.

ASP.NET Core 3.0 - AI-Powered Biometric Security in ASP.NET Core

This article, the first of two parts, introduces the policy-based authorization model in ASP.NET Core 3 and presents a specific example of this authorization process—access to a secured building—based on biometric information.

Data Points - EF Core in a Docker Containerized App, Part 3

In the final installment of her series on using EF Core and Docker together to build a containerized app and add a data persistence mechanism, Julie Lerman integrates a dedicated, containerized SQL Server into her API development.

DevOps - MSIX: The Modern Way to Deploy Desktop Apps on Windows

The new MSIX packaging format builds on previous installation technologies, such as MSI and ClickOnce, and is the recommended way to install all kinds of apps on Windows going forward. This article introduces MSIX and shows how it can be used for continuous integration (CI).

Test Run - Simplified Naive Bayes Classification Using C#

James McCaffrey presents a demo program that shows how to use naive Bayes classification to predict the class of a gemstone based on color, size and shape. The demo performs binary classification because there are only two class values, but the program logic can also be used without modification for multiclass classification.