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Causes normal program termination to occur.


__declspec(noreturn) void quick_exit(  
    int status  


The status code to return to the host environment.

Return Value

The quick_exit function cannot return to its caller.


The quick_exit function causes normal program termination. It calls no functions registered by atexit, _onexit or signal handlers registered by the signal function. Behavior is undefined if quick_exit is called more than once, or if the exit function is also called.

The quick_exit function calls, in last-in, first-out (LIFO) order, the functions registered by at_quick_exit, except for those functions already called when the function was registered. Behavior is undefined if a longjmp call is made during a call to a registered function that would terminate the call to the function.

After the registered functions have been called, quick_exit invokes _Exit by using the status value to return control to the host environment.


Routine Required header
quick_exit <process.h> or <stdlib.h>

For more information about compatibility, see Compatibility.

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