Cumulative Servicing Release for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 (KB3151378)



This cumulative servicing release provides fixes to Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update 2. These fixes address high-impact bugs that were either found by the product team or reported by the community.

Download information

Download the Cumulative Servicing Release for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 (KB3151378) here

Bugs fixed in version 14.0.25132.0, released on 05/23/2016

Issue 1

There are some instances in which Visual Studio extensions are not automatically updated if a computer is suspended or in hibernation when the task is scheduled to run. This fix sets the task to run as soon as possible after the scheduled start time if the time is missed.

The workaround is to manually install the extension.

Issue 2

Customers who have Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 installed on the same computer may experience issues that affect automatically updating extensions because of incorrect version targeting. This fix makes surethat the auto update feature targets the correct version for each product.

Bugs fixed in version 14.0.25130.0, released on 05/04/2016

Issue 1

A Visual Studio build fails when you use the devenv /rebuild command to build projects that are based on the Analysis Services Multidimensional and Data Mining Project template.

Issue 2

Visual Studio crashes when you use the XAML designer together with a custom XAML Project Flavor.

Issue 3

Visual Studio may leak memory when you close and reopen solutions multiple times in a session. This causes low memory conditions and degraded performance.

Issue 4

You may experience low memory conditions and decreased performance in large solutions. This occurs partly because of a background analysis that Visual Studio runs on closed files in your solution. To reduce the effect of this problem, we have changed the default value for the "Enable full solution analysis" setting to "off" for C# projects. You can still opt in to a full solution analysis by changing the setting under Options -> Text Editor -> C# -> Advanced.

Issue 5

Visual Studio 2015 intermittently crashes when you stop debug sessions in which the diagnostics hub is used. This includes managed and native windows, web, and universal apps. The issue was introduced in Visual Studio 2015 RTM and also occurs in Update 1 and Update 2.

Issue 6

In T4 templates, errors occur when you reference an assembly that's built for a version of the .NET Framework that differs from the desktop (full) framework. For instance, errors occur when you reference portable libraries.

Issue 7

If you installed Win10 Development Tools (including Visual Studio 2015 Update 2) by using a link from, Visual Studio may not be updated completely. The corresponding invalid state could trigger unexpected behavior, such as design errors, when you develop Windows 10 apps. You might experience this issue when you use a command-line installation if the /InstallSelectableItems parameter was used to install Windows 10 tools. For a full description of installation options, see This issue has been fixed for new installations. To work around this issue, make sure that "Visual Studio 2015 Update 2" is selected in the “Custom” setup options for new installations. Or, use the "Modify" command in the Programs and Features item in Control Panel for existing installations.

Bugs fixed in version 14.0.25126.03, released on 4/11/2016

Issue 1

When you use a JavaScript project for the first time in a Visual Studio session, Visual Studio freezes after you invoke the completion list. To obtain this fix, update to Universal Windows Tools version 1.3.1 or a later version, update to Cordova tools Update 8.1 or a later version, or download and run JavaScript_LanguageService.msi from this location.

Issue 2

When you select a custom scaling in high-DPI scenarios, the TypeScript build properties are cut off.

Issue 3

When you open a solution, Visual Studio may display a dialog box that contains a "The 'Scc Display Information' package did not load correctly" error message. This error prevents the source code control integration in the status bar from becoming active.

Issue 4

Visual Studio may crash when you debug a managed project that calls in to or through C++ /CLI code because a new C++ /CLI Expression Evaluator is inadvertently activated in some circumstances. If you manually opted in to testing the new C++ /CLI Expression Evaluator, an updated method for opting in is posted on

Issue 5

Local variables are not available when you debug a .NET Core RC1 application. Instead, Visual Studio returns the following error message:

error CS0103: The name variablename does not exist in the current context

Bugs fixed in version 14.0.25125.03, released on 3/30/2016

Issue 1

Visual Studio Update 2 contains a bug that frequently causes the program to freeze or crash when you use the Navigate To command in large solutions (more than 50 projects).

Issue 2

During Edit and Continue debugging, Visual Studio incorrectly reports an error when you edit async methods, iterator methods, async lambda expressions in C# and Visual Basic, or iterator lambda expressions in Visual Basic. This prevents the debugging session from continuing. This error is reported even for projects that target .NET Framework 4.5 or later versions. This is a regression from earlier Visual Studio releases.

Information about this release

This Cumulative Servicing Release can be installed only on computers that have Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 installed. All fixes are cumulatively added to a single installer and cannot be installed individually.

The Cumulative Servicing Release may have been installed automatically together with Visual Studio 2015 Update 2. You can check by going to Help -> About Microsoft Visual Studio in Visual Studio. To ensure you have the latest fixes, you can download and install the Cumulative Servicing Release from this page. You do not have to uninstall previous versions to install the latest version.

You will not need to restart your machine after you install this Cumulative Servicing Release.

File details

Version Visual Studio 2015
File name VS14-KB3151378.exe
Date published 05/23/2016
File size 2.4 MB

Installation Instructions

Click this link to start the download, and then use one of the following installation options to install over the Internet:

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  • To download an installer that you can run later, click Save. (When you install, the computer must be connected to the Internet.)

  • To create a local copy to install offline, click Save, open a Command Prompt window at that location, and then run the .exe file by using the /layout switch.

System requirements

The system requirements for this Cumulative Servicing Release are unchanged from Visual Studio 2015 System Requirements. For information about operating system compatibility, see the Visual Studio 2015 Compatibility page.

Applies to

  • Visual Studio Professional 2015

  • Visual Studio Enterprise 2015

  • Visual Studio Community 2015

  • Visual Studio Express 2015 for Web

  • Visual Studio Express 2015 for Desktop

  • Visual Studio Express 2015 for Windows 10