Creating a Contact Object

Topic Last Modified: 2009-03-06

You can use the RGSCOT.exe command-line utility to create Contact objects in the Active Directory Domain Services. The Contact object is stored in the container created by Office Communications Server. After you create a Contact object, you can associate it with a Response Group, or workflow. A Contact object can be associated with only one workflow. Create a Contact object for each workflow that you plan to deploy.

The RGSCOT.exe command that you use to create a Contact object has the following format:

RGSCOT /Create /PoolFQDN:<FQDN of pool> /DisplayName:<display name> 
/DisplayNumber:<display number> /PrimaryUri:<SIP URI of Contact object> 
/LineUri:tel:+<actual line number> /EnabledForFederation:<True|False> 


  • PoolFQDN specifies the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the pool where the Response Group Service is installed.

  • DisplayName specifies the name as it is displayed in the client (for example, Office Communicator).


    If the display name has a space, enclose the name in quotation marks (for example, /DisplayName:“Help Desk”).

  • DisplayNumber specifies the telephone number as it is displayed in the client. This setting is optional.


    If the display number has a space, enclose the number in quotation marks (for example, /DisplayNumber: “+1 (425) 555-0100”.

  • PrimaryUri specifies the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) of the Contact object. After the Contact object is associated with a workflow, this is the URI address that is used to reach that workflow. The URI address cannot be modified.

  • LineUri specifies the telephone number that is associated with the Contact object. This setting is optional.

  • EnabledForFederation specifies whether to allow federated users to call the workflow. This setting is optional. The default is False.


    Agents who are serving a federation-enabled workflow must also be enabled for federation. Otherwise, callers can call the Response Group, but agents cannot connect to the caller.

The following example creates a Contact object called HR:

RGSCOT /Create / /DisplayName:HR 
/DisplayNumber:+14255550100 / 


This command-line example has been separated into multiple lines for readability. You actually type it on one line without breaks at the command line.

To create a Contact object

  1. On a computer where the Office Communications Server 2007 R2 administrative tools are installed, log on as a member of the RTCUniversalServerAdmins group.

  2. Click Start, click Run, type cmd in the Open box, and then click OK.

  3. At the command prompt, go to the directory that contains the RGSCOT.exe utility (the default location is %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2).

  4. Type the complete RGSCOT.exe command with your specific parameters, and then press RETURN.