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Configuring SQL Server for a Small Back-End Database (4 GB of Memory)

Topic Last Modified: 2009-01-23

Use the following procedures to configure on the back-end database server in deployments where the back-end database includes 4 GB memory:

  • Set /3GB in the boot.ini (required if you are running a 32-bit version of SQL Server). If you are using the 64-bit version of SQL Server, this setting is not necessary.
  • Add a SQL Server trace flag for T4618. For details about issues that arise without this setting, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 927396, "Queries take a longer time to finish running when the size of the TokenAndPermUserStore cache grows in SQL Server 2005," at

To add a SQL Server trace flag for T4618

  1. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager by pointing to Start, pointing to All Programs, pointing to Microsoft SQL Server 2005, pointing to Configuration Tools, and then clicking SQL Server Configuration Manager.

  2. Select the Office Communications Server SQL server instance in SQL Server 2005 Services, right-click the instance, and then click Properties.

  3. Click the Advanced tab.

  4. Click Startup Parameters.

  5. Type ;-T4618 at the end of the Startup Parameters list.


    Note that startup parameters are separated by semicolons.

  6. Click OK.

  7. Restart SQL Server.