Working with Inbox rules by using the EWS Managed API 2.0

Find information about how to use the EWS Managed API to manage Inbox rules for Exchange mailboxes.

Last modified: May 06, 2013

Applies to: EWS Managed APIĀ | Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Note: This content applies to the EWS Managed API 2.0 and earlier versions. For the latest information about the EWS Managed API, see Web services in Exchange.

Inbox rules are sets of conditions and associated actions that enable users to automatically organize, categorize, and act on messages as the messages are delivered. For example, a rule can be created to move any incoming mail that contains a certain string in the subject to a predetermined folder.

Rule evaluation is triggered when email messages are delivered in a user's mailbox. The conditions in a rule are evaluated against the properties of the incoming message. If the conditions evaluate to TRUE, the rule actions are executed by the server.

Inbox rules are server-side rules and are handled entirely by the Exchange server.


Items that are created directly in the Inbox by using EWS do not trigger Inbox rules. Only items delivered to the Inbox via message transport are evaluated against the Inbox rules.