Document Object


Represents an ordered collection of Image objects, or pages in a document.

Using the Document Object

The Document and the Image are the most important objects in the Microsoft Office Document Imaging 2003 object model. The Image object represents a single page, and the Document object represents an ordered collection of images, or pages.

Use the document's Images property to access the individual pages of a document, the recognized text on the pages, and the ability to add and remove pages.

Use the OCR method to perform optical character recognition (OCR) on all of the pages of the document. Use the OnOCRProgress event to track the progress of the operation or to cancel the operation. Check the Dirty property to determine whether the active document has unsaved OCR results or other changes.

Use the Create, SaveAs, Save, and Close methods to manage document files. Use the PrintOut method to print the document to a printer or a file. Access document properties using the BuiltInDocumentProperties and the CustomDocumentProperties collections.

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