AssignedTo Property

Returns or sets the SharedWorkspaceMember to whom the task is assigned. Read/write String.


*expression   * Required. An expression that returns a SharedWorkspaceTask object.


The optional AssignedTo property of a shared workspace task returns the display name or Name property of the SharedWorkspaceMember to whom the task is assigned. However, use the DomainName property of a SharedWorkspaceMember to set this property.


The following example uses the AssignedTo property to reassign all shared workspace tasks currently assigned to one workspace member to a different member, using the member's Name when reading the property and DomainName when writing a new value for it.

    Dim swsTask As Office.SharedWorkspaceTask
    For Each swsTask In ActiveWorkbook.SharedWorkspace.Tasks
        Debug.Print swsTask.AssignedTo
        If swsTask.AssignedTo = "New Employee" Then
            swsTask.AssignedTo = "MYCOMPANY\user123"
        End If
    Set swsTask = Nothing

Applies to | SharedWorkspaceTask Object