MsoLanguageID Enumeration

Office Developer Reference

Specifies the language identifier.

Name Value Description
msoLanguageIDAfrikaans 1078 The Afrikaans language.
msoLanguageIDAlbanian 1052 The Albanian language.
msoLanguageIDAmharic 1118 The Amharic language.
msoLanguageIDArabic 1025 The Arabic language.
msoLanguageIDArabicAlgeria 5121 The Arabic Algeria language.
msoLanguageIDArabicBahrain 15361 The Arabic Bahrain language.
msoLanguageIDArabicEgypt 3073 The Arabic Egypt language.
msoLanguageIDArabicIraq 2049 The Arabic Iraq language.
msoLanguageIDArabicJordan 11265 The Arabic Jordan language.
msoLanguageIDArabicKuwait 13313 The Arabic Kuwait language.
msoLanguageIDArabicLebanon 12289 The Arabic Lebanon language.
msoLanguageIDArabicLibya 4097 The Arabic Libya language.
msoLanguageIDArabicMorocco 6145 The Arabic Morocco language.
msoLanguageIDArabicOman 8193 The Arabic Oman language.
msoLanguageIDArabicQatar 16385 The Arabic Qatar language.
msoLanguageIDArabicSyria 10241 The Arabic Syria language.
msoLanguageIDArabicTunisia 7169 The Arabic Tunisia language.
msoLanguageIDArabicUAE 14337 The Arabic UAE language.
msoLanguageIDArabicYemen 9217 The Arabic Yemen language.
msoLanguageIDArmenian 1067 The Armenian language.
msoLanguageIDAssamese 1101 The Assamese language.
msoLanguageIDAzeriCyrillic 2092 The Azeri Cyrillic language.
msoLanguageIDAzeriLatin 1068 The Azeri Latin language.
msoLanguageIDBasque 1069 The Basque language.
msoLanguageIDBelgianDutch 2067 The Belgian Dutch language.
msoLanguageIDBelgianFrench 2060 The Belgian French language.
msoLanguageIDBengali 1093 The Bengali language.
msoLanguageIDBosnian 4122 The Bosnian language.
msoLanguageIDBosnianBosniaHerzegovinaCyrillic 8218 The Bosnian Bosnia Herzegovina Cyrillic language.
msoLanguageIDBosnianBosniaHerzegovinaLatin 5146 The Bosnian Bosnia Herzegovina Latin language.
msoLanguageIDBrazilianPortuguese 1046 The Brazilian Portuguese language.
msoLanguageIDBulgarian 1026 The Bulgarian language.
msoLanguageIDBurmese 1109 The Burmese language.
msoLanguageIDByelorussian 1059 The Byelorussian language.
msoLanguageIDCatalan 1027 The Catalan language.
msoLanguageIDCherokee 1116 The Cherokee language.
msoLanguageIDChineseHongKongSAR 3076 The Chinese Hong Kong SAR language.
msoLanguageIDChineseMacaoSAR 5124 The Chinese Macao SAR language.
msoLanguageIDChineseSingapore 4100 The Chinese Singapore language.
msoLanguageIDCroatian 1050 The Croatian language.
msoLanguageIDCzech 1029 The Czech language.
msoLanguageIDDanish 1030 The Danish language.
msoLanguageIDDivehi 1125 The Divehi language.
msoLanguageIDDutch 1043 The Dutch language.
msoLanguageIDEdo 1126 The Edo language.
msoLanguageIDEnglishAUS 3081 The English AUS language.
msoLanguageIDEnglishBelize 10249 The English Belize language.
msoLanguageIDEnglishCanadian 4105 The English Canadian language.
msoLanguageIDEnglishCaribbean 9225 The English Caribbean language.
msoLanguageIDEnglishIndonesia 14345 The English Indonesia language.
msoLanguageIDEnglishIreland 6153 The English Ireland language.
msoLanguageIDEnglishJamaica 8201 The English Jamaica language.
msoLanguageIDEnglishNewZealand 5129 The English NewZealand language.
msoLanguageIDEnglishPhilippines 13321 The English Philippines language.
msoLanguageIDEnglishSouthAfrica 7177 The English South Africa language.
msoLanguageIDEnglishTrinidadTobago 11273 The English Trinidad Tobago language.
msoLanguageIDEnglishUK 2057 The English UK language.
msoLanguageIDEnglishUS 1033 The English US language.
msoLanguageIDEnglishZimbabwe 12297 The English Zimbabwe language.
msoLanguageIDEstonian 1061 The Estonian language.
msoLanguageIDFaeroese 1080 The Faeroese language.
msoLanguageIDFarsi 1065 The Farsi language.
msoLanguageIDFilipino 1124 The Filipino language.
msoLanguageIDFinnish 1035 The Finnish language.
msoLanguageIDFrench 1036 The French language.
msoLanguageIDFrenchCameroon 11276 The French Cameroon language.
msoLanguageIDFrenchCanadian 3084 The French Canadian language.
msoLanguageIDFrenchCotedIvoire 12300 The French Coted Ivoire language.
msoLanguageIDFrenchHaiti 15372 The French Haiti language.
msoLanguageIDFrenchLuxembourg 5132 The French Luxembourg language.
msoLanguageIDFrenchMali 13324 The French Mali language.
msoLanguageIDFrenchMonaco 6156 The French Monaco language.
msoLanguageIDFrenchMorocco 14348 The French Morocco language.
msoLanguageIDFrenchReunion 8204 The French Reunion language.
msoLanguageIDFrenchSenegal 10252 The French Senegal language.
msoLanguageIDFrenchWestIndies 7180 The French West Indies language.
msoLanguageIDFranchCongoDRC 9228 The French Congo DRC language.
msoLanguageIDFrisianNetherlands 1122 The Frisian Netherlands language.
msoLanguageIDFulfulde 1127 The Fulfulde language.
msoLanguageIDGaelicIreland 2108 The Gaelic Ireland language.
msoLanguageIDGaelicScotland 1084 The Gaelic Scotland language.
msoLanguageIDGalician 1110 The Galician language.
msoLanguageIDGeorgian 1079 The Georgian language.
msoLanguageIDGerman 1031 The German language.
msoLanguageIDGermanAustria 3079 The German Austria language.
msoLanguageIDGermanLiechtenstein 5127 The German Liechtenstein language.
msoLanguageIDGermanLuxembourg 4103 The German Luxembourg language.
msoLanguageIDGreek 1032 The Greek language.
msoLanguageIDGuarani 1140 The Guarani language.
msoLanguageIDGujarati 1095 The Gujarati language.
msoLanguageIDHausa 1128 The Hausa language.
msoLanguageIDHawaiian 1141 The Hawaiian language.
msoLanguageIDHebrew 1037 The Hebrew language.
msoLanguageIDHindi 1081 The Hindi language.
msoLanguageIDHungarian 1038 The Hungarian language.
msoLanguageIDIbibio 1129 The Ibibio language.
msoLanguageIDIcelandic 1039 The Icelandic language.
msoLanguageIDIgbo 1136 The Igbo language.
msoLanguageIDIndonesian 1057 The Indonesian language.
msoLanguageIDInuktitut 1117 The Inuktitut language.
msoLanguageIDItalian 1040 The Italian language.
msoLanguageIDJapanese 1041 The Japanese language.
msoLanguageIDKannada 1099 The Kannada language.
msoLanguageIDKanuri 1137 The Kanuri language.
msoLanguageIDKashmiri 1120 The Kashmiri language.
msoLanguageIDKashmiriDevanagari 2144 The Kashmiri Devanagari language.
msoLanguageIDKazakh 1087 The Kazakh language.
msoLanguageIDKhmer 1107 The Khmer language.
msoLanguageIDKirghiz 1088 The Kirghiz language.
msoLanguageIDKonkani 1111 The Konkani language.
msoLanguageIDKorean 1042 The Korean language.
msoLanguageIDKyrgyz 1088 The Kyrgyz language.
msoLanguageIDLao 1108 The Lao language.
msoLanguageIDLatin 1142 The Latin language.
msoLanguageIDLatvian 1062 The Latvian language.
msoLanguageIDLithuanian 1063 The Lithuanian language.
msoLanguageIDMacedoninanFYROM 1071 The Macedonian FYROM language.
msoLanguageIDMalayalam 1100 The Malayalam language.
msoLanguageIDMalayBruneiDarussalam 2110 The Malay Brunei Darussalam language.
msoLanguageIDMalaysian 1086 The Malaysian language.
msoLanguageIDMaltese 1082 The Maltese language.
msoLanguageIDManipuri 1112 The Manipuri language.
msoLanguageIDMaori 1153 The Maori language.
msoLanguageIDMarathi 1102 The Marathi language.
msoLanguageIDMexicanSpanish 2058 The Mexican Spanish language.
msoLanguageIDMixed -2 The Mixed language.
msoLanguageIDMongolian 1104 The Mongolian language.
msoLanguageIDNepali 1121 The Nepali language.
msoLanguageIDNone 0 No language specified.
msoLanguageIDNoProofing 1024 No proofing.
msoLanguageIDNorwegianBokmol 1044 The Norwegian Bokmol language.
msoLanguageIDNorwegianNynorsk 2068 The Norwegian Nynorsk language.
msoLanguageIDOriya 1096 The Oriya language.
msoLanguageIDOromo 1138 The Oromo language.
msoLanguageIDPashto 1123 The Pashto language.
msoLanguageIDPolish 1045 The Polish language.
msoLanguageIDPortuguese 2070 The Portuguese language.
msoLanguageIDPunjabi 1094 The Punjabi language.
msoLanguageIDQuechuaBolivia 1131 The Quechua Bolivia language.
msoLanguageIDQuechuaEcuador 2155 The Quechua Ecuador language.
msoLanguageIDQuechuaPeru 3179 The Quechua Peru language.
msoLanguageIDRhaetoRomanic 1047 The Rhaeto Romanic language.
msoLanguageIDRomanian 1048 The Romanian language.
msoLanguageIDRomanianMoldova 2072 The Romanian Moldova language.
msoLanguageIDRussian 1049 The Russian language.
msoLanguageIDRussianMoldova 2073 The Russian Moldova language.
msoLanguageIDSamiLappish 1083 The Sami Lappish language.
msoLanguageIDSanskrit 1103 The Sanskrit language.
msoLanguageIDSepedi 1132 The Sepedi language.
msoLanguageIDSerbianBosniaHerzegovinaCyrillic 7194 The Serbian Bosnia Herzegovina Cyrillic language.
msoLanguageIDSerbianBosniaHerzegovinaLatin 6170 The Serbian Bosnia Herzegovina Latin language.
msoLanguageIDSerbianCyrillic 3098 The Serbian Cyrillic language.
msoLanguageIDSerbianLatin 2074 The Serbian Latin language.
msoLanguageIDSesotho 1072 The Sesotho language.
msoLanguageIDSimplifiedChinese 2052 The Simplified Chinese language.
msoLanguageIDSindhi 1113 The Sindhi language.
msoLanguageIDSindhiPakistan 2137 The Sindhi Pakistan language.
msoLanguageIDSinhalese 1115 The Sinhalese language.
msoLanguageIDSlovak 1051 The Slovak language.
msoLanguageIDSlovenian 1060 The Slovenian language.
msoLanguageIDSomali 1143 The Somali language.
msoLanguageIDSorbian 1070 The Sorbian language.
msoLanguageIDSpanish 1034 The Spanish language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishArgentina 11274 The Spanish Argentina language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishBolivia 16394 The Spanish Bolivia language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishChile 13322 The Spanish Chile language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishColombia 9226 The Spanish Colombia language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishCostaRica 5130 The Spanish Costa Rica language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishDominicanRepublic 7178 The Spanish Dominican Republic language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishEcuador 12298 The Spanish Ecuador language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishElSalvador 17418 The Spanish El Salvador language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishGuatemala 4106 The Spanish Guatemala language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishHonduras 18442 The Spanish Honduras language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishModernSort 3082 The Spanish Modern Sort language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishNicaragua 19466 The Spanish Nicaragua language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishPanama 6154 The Spanish Panama language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishParaguay 15370 The Spanish Paraguay language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishPeru 10250 The Spanish Peru language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishPuertoRico 20490 The Spanish Puerto Rico language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishUruguay 14346 The Spanish Uruguay language.
msoLanguageIDSpanishVenezuela 8202 The Spanish Venezuela language.
msoLanguageIDSutu 1072 The Sutu language.
msoLanguageIDSwahili 1089 The Swahili language.
msoLanguageIDSwedish 1053 The Swedish language.
msoLanguageIDSwedishFinland 2077 The Swedish Finland language.
msoLanguageIDSwissFrench 4108 The Swiss French language.
msoLanguageIDSwissGerman 2055 The Swiss German language.
msoLanguageIDSwissItalian 2064 The Swiss Italian language.
msoLanguageIDSyriac 1114 The Syriac language.
msoLanguageIDTajik 1064 The Tajik language.
msoLanguageIDTamazight 1119 The Tamazight language.
msoLanguageIDTamazightLatin 2143 The Tamazight Latin language.
msoLanguageIDTamil 1097 The Tamil language.
msoLanguageIDTatar 1092 The Tatar language.
msoLanguageIDTelugu 1098 The Telugu language.
msoLanguageIDThai 1054 The Thai language.
msoLanguageIDTibetan 1105 The Tibetan language.
msoLanguageIDTigrignaEritrea 2163 The Tigrigna Eritrea language.
msoLanguageIDTigrignaEthiopic 1139 The Tigrigna Ethiopic language.
msoLanguageIDTraditionalChinese 1028 The Traditional Chinese language.
msoLanguageIDTsonga 1073 The Tsonga language.
msoLanguageIDTswana 1074 The Tswana language.
msoLanguageIDTurkish 1055 The Turkish language.
msoLanguageIDTurkmen 1090 The Turkmen language.
msoLanguageIDUkrainian 1058 The Ukrainian language.
msoLanguageIDUrdu 1056 The Urdu language.
msoLanguageIDUzbekCyrillic 2115 The Uzbek Cyrillic language.
msoLanguageIDUzbekLatin 1091 The Uzbek Latin language.
msoLanguageIDVenda 1075 The Venda language.
msoLanguageIDVietnamese 1066 The Vietnamese language.
msoLanguageIDWelsh 1106 The Welsh language.
msoLanguageIDXhosa 1076 The Xhosa language.
msoLanguageIDYi 1144 The Yi language.
msoLanguageIDYiddish 1085 The Yiddish language.
msoLanguageIDYoruba 1130 The Yoruba language.
msoLanguageIDZulu 1077 The Zulu language.