b608000 - b617fff Elements

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A project-level enterprise custom field value.






Specifies the format for a duration custom field value (days, weeks, months, and so on). For more information, see DurationFormat Element.

Parent Elements



Minimum: 0

Maximum: 1 of each unique element name

Text Value

A text value is required. This text specifies the enterprise custom field value for the project.


The text value must match the data type required by the custom field definition.


The name of the XML element that stores the enterprise custom field value corresponds to the hexadecimal representation of the custom field ID.

Table 1 lists the valid range of custom field IDs for project-level enterprise custom fields in both decimal and hexadecimal format.

Table 1. Project-level Enterprise Custom Field IDs

Custom Field ID range (decimal)

Custom Field ID range (hexadecimal)

190873600 – 190939135

b608000 – b617fff

For more information, see Custom Field Data in XML.


The following example shows two different representations of enterprise project custom field data.


Decimal value of FieldID




FieldName: ProjectNumberTest, a number custom field with a lookup table.

Guid: Refers to the custom field GUID.

DefaultGuid: Refers to the default value in the associated lookup table of the ProjectNumberTest custom field.

The GUID value of the b608007 element specifies the actual lookup table value.



FieldName: ProjectDurationNL, a duration custom field that has no lookup table.

The DurationFormat="9" attribute specifies the duration format as weeks.

The value PT280H0M0S specifies 280 hours, 0 minutes, and 0 seconds. Because the work week is 40 hours, that is seven weeks. (PT stands for Project Time, for internal use.)

Project Professional shows the value of the custom field as "7 wks."

<Project xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/project">
   . . .
   . . .
         . . .
         <b60800a DurationFormat="9">PT280H0M0S</b60800a>
         . . .
   . . .

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