IMsoComponent::FDoIdle Method

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Enables the component to do idle-time tasks.

   DWORD grfidlef


  • grfidlef [in]
    The type of idle-time tasks to perform. The type of tasks are specified by a combination of the values from the following table.



    msoidlefPeriodic = 1

    Specifies to perform periodic idle-time tasks.

    msoidlefNonPeriodic = 2

    Specifies to perform any nonperiodic idle-time tasks.

    msoidlefPriority = 4

    Specifies to perform high priority, nonperiodic idle-time tasks.

    msoidlefAll = 0xFFFFFFFF

    Specifies to perform all idle-time tasks.

Return Value

TRUE to indicate that more time is needed to perform the idle-time tasks; otherwise, FALSE.


The component may periodically call the IMsoComponentManager::FContinueIdle method. If the FContinueIdle method returns FALSE, the component should terminate its idle-time processing and return.

If a component reaches a point where it has no idle-time tasks and does not need IMsoComponent::FDoIdle method calls, it should remove its idle task registration by calling the IMsoComponentManager::FUpdateComponentRegistration method.

If this method is called while the component is performing a tracking operation, the component should perform only idle-time tasks that are appropriate to perform during tracking.

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