Microsoft Office XP Developer

This content is no longer actively maintained. It is provided as is, for anyone who may still be using these technologies, with no warranties or claims of accuracy with regard to the most recent product version or service release.

Microsoft® Office XP Developer is designed for professional developers building and deploying applications and business solutions targeting Microsoft Office. It provides a complete set of developer tools, documentation, and sample code for quickly creating custom applications with Office and other Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications–enabled programs. In addition, this version of Office Developer contains an integrated development environment making it easier to create dashboard projects and workflow applications for Microsoft® SQL Server™ and Microsoft® Exchange Server.

More than 2.6 million developers currently are using Office as a part of their custom business solutions. Why are so many developers building solutions with Office? For starters, Office can now be found on more than 125 million users' desktops. In addition, developers have recognized that leveraging the Office platform found on users' desktops is the best way to build business solutions that integrate into the environment already familiar to users — thus reducing expenses, such as training efforts and support calls.

In the Office Developer Documentation

  • Getting Started with Office Developer
    Includes information about what is new in this version of Microsoft® Office XP Developer, how to install the product, and how to upgrade from previous versions.
  • Developing Office Developer Applications
    Microsoft® Office Developer provides the productivity tools professional developers must have to build applications faster, integration tools to make their applications work seamlessly with data and the Web, and management tools to simplify deploying and managing the applications they build with Office. You can create VBA applications, workflow applications targeting either Microsoft® Exchange 2000 Server or Microsoft® SQL Server™, or Digital Dashboard applications that use Office Web Parts.
  • Using Web Technologies with Office XP
    The applications in the Microsoft® Office XP suite always have focused on making it easy to create powerful documents. In the last few years, the popularity of the Internet and corporate intranets has exploded, because they make it so easy to disseminate information to a wide audience.
  • Programming Concepts
    When you program, you store data and manipulate it with a series of instructions. The data and data storage containers are the raw materials of programming. The tools you use to manipulate this raw material are commands, functions, and operators.
  • Reference
    The Microsoft® Office XP Developer reference includes information on productivity tools and the controls, objects, properties, methods, events, statements, functions, and constants available.
  • Samples
    The Microsoft® Office XP Developer samples are designed to make it possible for you see how the sample works, how it is coded, and how you can apply its features in your own applications.

Additional Information

  • Microsoft Office Developer Center
    For additional information and resources for Microsoft® Office developers, visit the Office Developer Web site. This Web site will be updated regularly with the latest information.
  • Microsoft Office Training and Resources
    For information about training and certification resources available through the Microsoft Training and Certification program, visit the Microsoft® Office Web site, and select the Developer audience.
  • Microsoft Training & Resources
    The Microsoft® Training and Certification Web site, complete with a new developer training section, is your first resource for the most recognized training and certification in the industry, offering such courses as:
    • **Building Data Access, Data Analysis, and Workflow solutions using Microsoft Office XP Developer (course 2380).**This five-day course provides you with the concepts necessary to use Microsoft Office XP Developer to build dynamic interactive Web applications on an intranet or extranet. It also address the issues of customization and deployment on mobile devices.
    • **Developing Collaborative Solutions using Digital Dashboards (course 2382).**This course is a three-day course that provides you with the skills necessary to build and deploy Web Parts and complete digital dashboards sites.
    • **Implementing Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001 (course 2095).**This is a three-day course that provides you with the concepts necessary to deploy SharePoint Portal Server as a search and document management solution, as well as a dashboard site.
  • Additional References
    A list of publications and Web sites that provide further information about Microsoft® Office XP Developer technologies and components.
  • Product Support
    Find information about technical support and copyright, as well as the Readme for Microsoft® Office XP Developer.
  • Accessibility for People with Disabilities
    Find information about features that make Microsoft® Office XP Developer more accessible for people with disabilities.