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REST objects

In the Live SDK, REST objects contain categories of information.

REST objects consist of a combination of child objects, arrays, and values. To access a specific object, you must know the unique path to, and in many cases, the unique ID of, that object.

USER_ID, CONTACT_ID, ALBUM_ID, PHOTO_ID, VIDEO_ID, AUDIO_ID, or FOLDER_ID are placeholders. Replace them with the target user ID, Contact object ID, Album object ID, Photo object ID, Video object ID, Audio object ID, or Folder object ID respectively.

You can also use /me as a shortcut for the signed-in user instead of specifying /USER_ID. However, you can't use /me unless you also provide an access token.

The Live SDK REST API exchanges info between apps and Microsoft OneDrive in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. (Because of this, the JSON terms structure, object, array, and value are used throughout this reference.)

When your app makes a GET request for an object, the Live SDK REST API returns the requested info as a JSON-formatted structure. Similarly, when your app makes a POST or PUT request, the Live SDK REST API requires the info to be submitted to it as a JSON-formatted structure. For more info about JSON, see Introducing JSON.

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Album object

The Album object contains info about a user's albums in OneDrive.

Audio object

The Audio object contains info about a user's audio in OneDrive.

Comment object

The Comment object contains info about comments that are associated with a photo, audio, or video on OneDrive.

Error object

The Error object contains info about an error that is returned by the Live SDK.

File object

The File object contains info about a user's files in OneDrive.

Folder object

The Folder object contains info about a user's folders in OneDrive.

Permissions object

The Permissions object contains a list of scopes, showing those scopes to which the user has consented.

Photo object

The Photo object contains info about a user's photos on OneDrive.

Search object

The Search object contains info about the objects found in a user's OneDrive that match the search query.

Tag object

The Tag object contains info about tags that are associated with a photo or a video on OneDrive.

Video object

The Video object contains info about a user's videos on OneDrive.