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FeatureSiteTemplateAssociation Element (FeatureSiteTemplateAssociation)

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Associates the specified Features with the specified site definition configuration so that when Web sites are provisioned, the Features are automatically included.

    Id = "Text" 
    TemplateName = "Text"> 
      Key= "Text" 
      Value = "Text">





Required Text. Specifies the GUID for the Feature.


Required Text. Specifies the name of the site definition configuration. SharePoint Foundation includes the following site definition configurations by default.

  • STS#0   Team Site

  • STS#1   Blank Site

  • STS#2   Document Workspace

  • MPS#0   Basic Meeting Workspace

  • MPS#1   Blank Meeting Workspace

  • MPS#2   Decision Meeting Workspace

  • MPS#3   Social Meeting Workspace

  • MPS#4   Multipage Meeting Workspace

  • BLOG#0   Blog

  • SGS#0   Basic Group Work Site

  • SGS#1   Blank Group Work Site

  • WIKI#0   Wiki

Note that WIKI provides a site definition configuration for legacy wiki sites that were originally created in an earlier version of SharePoint Foundation. Because standard site pages on SGS sites are wiki-enabled pages, you do not need to create sites that are specifically for wikis.

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For an example of how this element is used, see Feature/Site Template Associations.